Performance Grill Grates

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The Griddle Grate

Made from 3/16″ thick carbon steel.  This grate includes a hexagonal removable center which makes adding charcoal or a simple task.  From smash burgers, bacon and eggs, to ribeyes, this versatile grate can do it all. addition to your grill.

The 50/50 Grate

Made from 3/16″ thick carbon steel. This grate is a combination of half griddle, half Grate.  It is a must have for your grill. The perfect “Surf and Turf” Grate.  Our favorites include ribeyes, lobster tails, scallops, and bacon wrapped asparagus.

The Griddle Grate Solid

Made from 3/16″ thick carbon steel.  This grate is our perfect answer for the flat top griddle.  Whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this grate is up for the challenge.  Our favorites include philly cheesesteaks, fajitas, and pancakes.
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Seasoning Instructions for your Custom Grill Grate

  • Wash your new grate with soap and water and dry well.  An old rag tends to do the job.
  • Apply a liberal amount of cooking oil to all sides of your grate (PAM works well, but oil and some paper towels will also work)
  • Remove any excess drips with a paper towel, but ensure that all surfaces have been oiled
  • Pre-heat your grill to approximately 350 degrees. Heat grate for approximately 2-3 hours.  Add a light coat of oil every 20-30 mins or as needed.  This, along with regular use, will ensure that your grate will not develop rust.
  • Clean excess food and apply a light coat of oil after each use.  This will ensure that your grate will not develop rust, and you will always be ready for your next use.
  • If your grate begins to rust, clean well and remove rust with wire brush or sandpaper, and follow these steps from the beginning.
  • For any questions, please contact The Burn Shop at (940) 631-6117


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