Founded in 2016 by Keith Wineinger, The Burn Shop is a family owned and operated business located in Wichita Falls, Texas. It all started because of a dream Keith had to turn his skills and creativity with metal into a business.

As an oil field business man back in 2014, Keith realized the impact the low price of crude was having on his finances and his family. Taking a proactive approach he decided to go after his dream. He purchased a state of the art CNC plasma table to custom cut metal designs, and that is when The Burn Shop was born. Something that begun as a small start-up for Keith, has quickly evolved into a rapidly evolving business. From customized grill grates for barbecue lovers, to signage for developed or well established businesses, to simple customized metal work, Keith is the person in charge of turning all of his customers ideas into reality. He is very creative and talented, a self-taught welder, and also an amazing family man.

On the other hand, Keith’s wife, Ivonne, also plays an important role in running the business. While Keith spends time behind the table, Ivonne takes care of the behind the scenes tasks. From finances to marketing, to social media expansion and exposure, Ivonne makes sure the business runs smoothly and efficiently. When needed, Ivonne also enjoys spending time being hands on at the shop. She is extremely organized and also a wonderful mom and wife.

But this family operation would not be complete without the help of Keith and Ivonne’s daughters, Hailey and Addison. They also play an important role in the business. Keith and Ivonne are teaching their daughters the importance of hard work and perseverance leading by example. Sporadically, the girls are asked to help at the shop with little projects and they enjoying spending time at the shop. But most of all, they have witnessed the heart and passion Keith and Ivonne are putting into the business and it is sticking with them.

In order to keep up with demand and a growing business, The Wineinger’s opted to hire help at the beginning of 2017. That is when Taylor Bivona, a young Marine Corps reservist, came along to assist Keith mainly with designing time. Taylor quickly became the lead designer at the shop, giving Keith more time to work on bigger projects. He has been a blessing to the Wineinger’s and a much appreciated hand.

The Burn Shop has grown tremendously in the past year, and they continue to await for God to reveal His plan for them for the upcoming year on several big exciting projects and goals.

For the Wineinger’s, their main goal has always been customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on making sure their customers receive a product that they absolutely love and that will last them a life time. They attribute most of their success to this specific goal.